Eliminate, Automate & Delegate: Streamlining Your Business Model


Nov 10, 2016

This week, CEO of Your Law Firm, Meda Royall, will be appearing as a panellist at the Law and Courts in an Online World Conference 2016. Part of the conference, Meda will be discussing the topic “Eliminate, Automate & Delegate: Streamlining Your Business Model”.

For more information, contact Meda Royall on: Meda.r@yourlawfirm.com.au 1300 896 500

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Meda Royall, I’m the CEO at Your Law Firm, and I’m going to talk to you about how do you maximise profitability and how do you minimise cost. And the answer is eliminate, automate, and delegate.

The first thing in any event is all your admin, don’t put up with any of the admin that you are use to because all of that time can be better used besides behind your desk, rather than on a boat, or time with your family, or more time with your clients, more importantly where you can build those stronger relationships.

Preparation of your BAS statements, trust accounting compliances, marketing, PR, and all your social media needs. All of those things can be outsourced, and can be outsourced to people that are professionals in those fields, who can really provide very good quality services, much better than you could ever do.

The other thing that you can out source is your technology and artificial intelligence needs. Stop battling with technology yourself, and stop employing people to do that for you too, because that is not the answer. There are very very good answers in the market place today, very cost effective, and they’re really accessible and available to everyone.

And the third thing that you can outsource, and I encourage you do so as soon as possible is your secretarial paralegal and book keeping needs. Stop employing people, and stop the hassle of dealing with staff. They consume up to 50% of your time, and it’s not time well used, it’s very very expensive.

Our lawyers are sole practitioners, but they don’t feel like they’re sole practitioners, they feel that they belong to larger organisations to a firm. We share work, we share opportunities, we cover for other lawyers when they go on leave, so there are local opportunities. Our website is a mini virtual firm, where lawyers interact with each other, and then the central office is used for interaction, for people that they’re connected to a place if they wanted too. Overall we saved about 81.07% of our overheads, it’s been extremely rewarding and the results are remarkable.

Come and see me at the conference, and have a look on our website. There is quite a bit of information there. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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