“I’m a lawyer at Your Law Firm and we’re looking for five new disruptive lawyers.”


Jun 14, 2016

This is what I think they should know about the job…

When they asked me to write a recruitment ad I said I was too busy.

‘Just say we need five lawyers for our new legal franchising system and leave it at that.’

Then I got to thinking. Chances are it won’t be long before I’m working with one of the new people. It could make both our jobs a little easier if they understand the culture we are creating before they came. And it’s not always easy for a new lawyer to see how they’ll fit in here.

Do lawyers really run the show? Yes. Lawyers do run the show. But they do depend on others like our awesome team members.

At Your Law Firm they represent the firms philosophy much more closely than at other law firms. So the first thing they have to do is understand it. And believe in it.

Roughly, it goes like this:

    • To be honest with the client, their best interests must be a priority.


    • To be solution focused and give them the work we think they should have, provided it fits their goal.


    • To be experts in our area of practice and offer the legal services at a location convenient to both my client and myself.


    • To know that my client finds me approachable and accessible and never have to wonder what the client’s friend is going to say about the advice.


    • To have an honest viewpoint.


    • To be transparent, I’ll expect them to know everything about the service we offer, its competition and the client’s aim.


    • I’ll expect them to give our clients all the information they need. I think that’s reasonable. I’ll expect them to give to our clients all the time they need. Sometimes that’s unreasonable.


    • I’ll expect them to believe in Your Law Firm. And to promote our services with conviction.


    • In return they can expect an awful lot of the team and the network.


    • They shouldn’t put up with dull, ordinary work, ever.


  • They should demand involvement. There’s a lot more I can’t think of right now. But the general picture is this – there’s no rule book at Your Law Firm so the lawyer stands or falls on their own ability.

Just like the rest of us.

If you’re still interested, there are a couple of thing I’ve been asked to tell you.

The people we are looking for will have legal practice responsibilities. We don’t want trainees. They’ll probably have a few years experience and looking for what is next. We need these because we have put a lot of new business in the last couple of months. And clients pay us very well.

So if you would like to know more, submit a confidential enquiry today at: yourlawfirm.com.au
or call us on 1300 896 500.

I look forward to working with you.

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