What I love about being a lawyer


Nov 10, 2016

More often than not, the image of a money hungry, apathetic, soulless, and uncaring lawyer is the archetype we are portrayed as, and this leads people to ask: what could anybody possibly love about being a lawyer? Unless you’re a sociopath, the answer is nothing, but there’s far more to this profession than this stereotypical image.

In my line of work, I am faced with many dilemmas and conflicting situations. Many times I have been given the option to go in the direction my conscience is telling me to go, or to ignore it and go the other way entirely. I can absolutely see a situation arising for some lawyers, where the choices they make end them up in territory they never thought themselves belonging in. Despite this undeniable fact, there are many things that the law grants that are fulfilling and positive, and to label an entire profession as less-than-human is to ignore the realities of the entire story.

It’s Challenging

Every day is littered with new and exciting challenges. The mental, as well as physical stimulation this line of work provides is phenomenal. Every minute that yields a challenge that needs to be remedied, is a chance to sharpen my mind, learn something new, and make myself not only a better lawyer, but also a person. .

Many people would find this aspect troubling or unsettling, but I’m at my most comfortable when things are challenging. I love working every day because I know it’s never a day that will be the same as the last — as for me, that would get a little stale after a while. .

Helping People

I love helping people. And I am proud to below to a profession, which gives me the opportunity to do just that every day. Lawyers are trusted advisors who become part of their clients’ lives, who are appreciated and respected for the valuable contributions they make, for the problems they solve, for helping smoothen the path. The most beautiful thing I ever witnessed in my professional life was the moment when a client looked me in the eye and said she felt like I held her hand in life. Our professional lives are filled with these kind of moments and it is those moments, above all else, that make it all worthwhile. .

The Fees

As lawyers, we help people out of legal predicaments, and we ensure the truth is unearthed no matter what the odds are. The exchange of money does not mean the profession is tainted by an evil force, as in a world where currency rules our lives, how can you expect something so crucial to every day lives, to go without it completely. .

We are paid for the value in the services we provide, and the accused exploitation perceived to be inherent in the industry due to money, is merely a distraction away from the real value legal professionals provide. The pay may at times be substantially more than some lines of work, granted, and it goes a long way to help fuel a prosperous life, but it’s by no means a line of work that isn’t deserving of the pay. .

Fighting For What’s Right

I fight for the distressed and the persecuted, for fairness and truth, and for what’s right over what’s wrong. The legal system is the venue for deciding who’s the victim and who isn’t, and what repercussions any decision should entail. I’m there to ensure one side prepares the best possible case it can pull together, so the courts have the best chance to make the right decision. I fight relentlessly for what’s right, and love every minute of winning when it’s for the good fight. .

Reality Check

Does all this seem a bit idealistic? A bit outlandish? I agree. The general public’s perception of how we work and how we are as lawyers is far from this. Indeed, how we feel most of the time is far from this. .

The truth is that the system we operate in has over the years managed to turn us into egotistical megalomaniacs who put the billable hour and the budget ahead of everything including our own sanity. .

But it doesn’t have to be this way. All it takes are a few fundamental adjustments to the system. Well, maybe not just a few. But it can be done. Just have a look around at the increasingly growing number of daredevils in our profession. Of those who get up and change things for the better. Look at all the disruption currently going on.

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