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Where will I have to work from?

You are welcome to work from wherever you are comfortable. Home office, local café, on holiday, the choice is yours. However, you are not able to operate as a conventional law firm, or out of a conventional office.

All lawyers are supplied with the LEAP practice management system for their individual firm, you will be able to work on your laptop from wherever there is an internet connection.

How many hours will I work?

You can work as much or as little as you choose! Our fee earning requirements are designed around part time hours to ensure that you have the freedom to determine your own working hours. We do not set budgets or targets, we support each individual lawyer to earn as much as they choose!

What areas of law can I practice in?

This will depend on how early you take up this innovative opportunity with Your Law Firm. You are able to choose two areas of law to practise in from our primary and secondary practice areas. To ensure that you are able to maintain your market share and make the most of your franchise, we do not allow overlap in practice areas within any given locality. As such, the areas which you are able to practice in will depend on which areas are still available in your locality. Contact us to find out if your areas of expertise are still available!

How will franchise boundaries be set?

Franchise boundaries will be set according to a 7km diameter of where you live or your chosen suburb. In some circumstances you may be able to purchase additional territories along with the one that you live in. Please contact us to discuss if this is something you may be interested in.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your existing clients with you. You are able to bring your existing client’s with you, these along with any new clients from within your territory are always yours!

I have never operated my own business, where do I start?

To make your life as easy as possible, Your Law Firm central office will take care of all the administrative tasks required to set up and operate your business. From business registration to bookkeeping and client invoicing, we offer a range of business support and financial planning services to assist you in growing a healthy, profitable business.

How is professional indemnity insurance structured?

As each practitioner operates under their own law firm, each practitioner will hold their own professional indemnity insurance. Your Law Firm central office will support practioners with the administrative tasks required in respect of varying or renewing their insurance with the Legal Practitioner’s Liability Committee.

Can I have a trust account and how are they structured?

When you come on board, you will have the choice to set up a trust account for your firm. If you would like to operate a trust account, Your Law Firm central office will assist you in opening your trust account and completing the relevant training required. Support in the administration of your trust account is also available to franchisees.

I want the freedom of going on holidays as I choose. Will I be able to do that?

YES! Our locum service allows you to take a holiday whenever you wish, with the peace of mind of knowing that your clients will continue to be serviced at the highest level by a fellow practitioner within the Your Law Firm network. Locums can be arranged through Your Law Firm central office and allocation will be determined by your locality and practice area. A fee sharing arrangement with the locum practitioner will be put in place for the duration of your absence.

How will I implement fixed fee pricing if I have never practiced that way?

Training will be provided to allow you to implement and regulate your fixed fee pricing, prices are set by each Your Law Firm lawyer, you have the freedom to determine your own fixed fee prices. Without the stress of having to monitor your billable hours, and with guidance from Your Law Firm central office, we are sure that you will be happy to say goodbye to hourly billing!

If I have something I am unsure about or want to pick another lawyer’s brain on an issue, how will I do so if I am working remotely?

Becoming a part of the Your Law Firm network gives you access to referrals and mentoring from other likeminded lawyers through regular networking events and conferences. You will also gain access to our lawyer forum, where you can post questions and discuss issues. Our Your Law Firm community is an essential aspect of our business system. Our lawyers are encouraged to regularly connect and interact with each other on professional and social levels.

I love the idea, but don’t have enough money to invest 100% upfront. Are there any other options for me?

Yes, please contact us to discuss other available options.

Will I be able to grow my business?

With guidance from our in-house marketing consultant, you will learn how to look for and engage in local marketing opportunities. We will work with you to develop a targeted local marketing plan for your specific locality, which can be reviewed, amended and updated as required.

Where you have excelled in developing your business and are looking for your next challenge, we also offer opportunities for you to develop your territory as a regional franchisor. Please contact us to discuss these options.

Can you help with BAS preparation and submission?

Yes! Our experience remote bookkeeping team will complete data entry, end of quarter reconciliation and then lodge your BAS quarterly, taking the hassle out of bookkeeping for your business.

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