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Feb 09, 2017

Last month the Herald Sun spoke with Your Law Firm Founder and CEO, Meda Royall about the frustrations some lawyers are facing in traditional firms and that the current status quo needs to shift.

With more and more women and men alike moving away from law, due to the instances of bullying in the workplace and the belief that this behaviour will never change.

“Personal attacks, insults to intelligence, swearing” are some of the behaviours rife in the industry. With the aim to alleviate the scars left from these encounters and to encourage positive communication and wellbeing moving forward, Meda has built the Your Law Firm business model on the principals of positive psychology. With all Your Law Firm lawyers working with Dr Paula Robinson, of the Positive Psychology Institute, they are equipped with the tools to have positive relationships, a strong focus on work life balance and the mental fitness to drive their success in both their practice and personal life.

Want to read more? You can read the whole article here.

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