Your Law Firm is a legal franchise driven by empowering both clients and practitioners by focusing on their needs first. We want to change the practice of law throughout Australia, and revolutionise the client-lawyer relationship.

Based upon our values of affordability, accessibility and appreciation, we’re about doing things different to ensure higher job satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance. We find that happier lawyers provide a better service for clients, with more certainty, transparency and trust. 

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Dr Paula Robinson

Consulting & Coaching Psychologist

Prior to being a senior executive for 12 years, Dr Paula is now a leading expert on mental fitness, well being and Positive Psychology for individuals, organisations, schools and the wider community, a well published author and a lecturer at the prestigious Sydney Business School. Paula has also completed numerous research studies, invited keynote presentations and strategic positive change programs, in both Australia and abroad.

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Cate Dealehr

Accredited Costs Law Specialist

Cate is one of Victoria’s first accredited specialist in costs law, with 25 years of experience. She is the founder and Director of The Australian Legal Costing Group and represents practitioners’ interests in her capacity as a Board member of the Australian Legal Services Board of Victoria. Cate is also a well published author, sought after public speaker and finalist of the Law Institute of Victoria Access to Justice Award 2014.

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Murray Chenery

Senior Marketing Advisor

With over 30 years of experience, Murray is an acclaimed marketing executive with a proven and acute understanding of brand DNA and strategy. His previous roles have included General Manager, Marketing and Board Director, Target Australia. He was responsible for Target’s brand repositioning, playing a key role in returning Target to profitability, from a loss in 2001 to record profit of $396 million in 2010/11.

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Meda Royall

Founder & CEO

Meda combines sound business knowledge, Corporate Law firm experience with a knowledge and unique understanding of the challenges of practising law as both a sole practitioner and mother of a young family. Having achieved a number of distinctions in her legal experience, the most recent of which was her nomination for, and becoming one of the finalists in the 2016 Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards for Thought Leader of the Year Award and previously the Suburban Lawyer of the Year in the 2015 Law Institute of Victoria Awards. Meda also brings extraordinary competence and commitment to clients, as a technical expert in all aspects of Commercial Law and litigation. Her vision & personal experience created the basis for Your Law Firm and her contribution to every area of our development has reflected the soundness and depth of both her legal, management and social skills, knowledge and commitments.


Nick Sabau

Director Business Development

With a strong background in the property development industry, Nick helps to design and manage large and small projects undertaken by Your Law Firm. His extensive experience, knowledge and skills in planning, scheduling & managing multi-million dollar projects, marketing, costing, IT, health & safety, process control & people management make him an invaluable member of our Board. Nick applies these skills to analyse and review all aspects of Your Law Firm’s ongoing development and growth across many areas, ensuring each step forward results in sound, efficient and profitable outcomes for all.


Erin Vassallo

Business Manager

As the day to day manager of all operations of Your Law Firm, Erin brings a depth of knowledge and experience in managing legal services. Possessing a qualification in Criminal Justice, with a distinction in legal research, Erin’s passion for and commitment to legal services was enhanced by her time with VCAT where she participated on both their Learning & Development and Health & Safety Committees. Her experience working at a court level, in a busy suburban law practice, combined with her practical and day to day managing of a legal practice office and her outstanding commitment to customer service, make her the major & best channel for implementation of the Board’s agenda and objectives.


Rebecca Camilleri

Office Administration

Rebecca has strong communication and organisational skills, and combines this expertise with her ability to quickly build rapport with clients and colleagues alike in her office administration role with Your Law Firm. With her strong background as a legal assistant, she ensures that the office is run efficiently and effectively day to day, and works hard to develop collaborative, meaningful relationships with clients in line with Your Law Firm’s values.

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