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Amy Castos has a background as a lawyer in the corporate and government arenas for over 14 years. She has broad experience across a number of sectors, having been employed as a WorkCover lawyer at Lander & Rogers and a conciliator at the Energy & Water Ombudsman. She also worked as a senior lawyer and investigations officer for 8 years at the legal regulator, the Victorian Legal Services Board & Commissioner, where she dealt with several regulatory, policy and disciplinary matters.

Amy’s practice, Your Law Firm | Melbourne | Professional Standards & Practitioner Conduct is unique as she provides legal advice to the other franchisees within the Your Law Firm network in relation to disciplinary, regulatory and professional standards matters. Her extensive experience at the Victorian Legal Services Board and the Legal Services Commissioner makes her the ideal person to assist the franchisees with navigating their regulatory responsibilities and ensuring that their conduct is of the highest standards as well as providing them with advice in relation to any client matters within this area.

Amy also has an international coaching accreditation, as well as being accredited in a behavioural profiling tool, which adds an extra dimension to the quality of the legal services that she provides within the network and can also assist the Your Law Firm network of lawyers with concrete strategies to improve their performance and productivity.

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