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Beverley Lindsay is the Principal Solicitor of Your Law Firm| Werribee | Family, where she practices in family and criminal law. She values honesty, integrity and compassion in all things and brings those qualities to her practice.

She has a passion for people which has always been her focus throughout her business and personal life. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she has walked the walk too and she understands how hard it can be to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  She knows things get better given time and the right kind of help; this is Bev’s motivation to do what she does.

Bev is the mother of two wonderful daughters and they have given her the focus to keep going when times have been tough. When children are involved passion sometimes clouds the path in family law matters.

Bev has always been drawn back to parenting matters in her legal practice, beginning when she was a social worker practicing in child protection and youth justice.  She believes that anyone can be in a bad situation sometimes and that no one should be judged for that.

She is passionate in wanting to achieve the absolute best outcome for the people she advises and represents.  Beverley’s goal is to balance the scales in every case she holds whether family law, criminal law or civil matters.  She never takes the easy way out unless it is also the right and just way.

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