Taking action to combat mental health issues for lawyers

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Feb 09, 2017

 Last week Your Law Firm Founder and CEO, Meda Royall spoke with Lawyers Weekly about addressing mental health issues in the legal profession, focusing on work life balance and job satisfaction. Having spoken to countless lawyers who have left traditional firms and gone into sole practice, hoping for more work life balance and flexibility, only to find that the long list of administrative and compliance tasks can become overwhelming. Meda shared, “during my years working in traditional law firms, I witnessed the gravitation towards a colder, transactional practice of the law, where relationships, counsel and compassion have all but disappeared,”

“In establishing Your Law Firm, I have developed a business model which enables lawyers to enjoy true job satisfaction, the appreciation and the respect of their clients and that of their community,” Meda said. The article highlighted the goal and vision of changing the way law is practised and how lawyers are seen by the public, by shifting the focus from billable hours and careerism to compassion and the client.

Interested and want to read more? Find the complete article here.

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