Putting You First

Changing the face & Practice of Law in Australia

+ Exclusive practice in your local community and chosen practice areas
+ Full support to setup and grow your business
+ Complete ownership of clientele – build equity for yourself from day 1
+ You keep 80% of everything you bill
+ Low overheads, full secretarial and paralegal support
+ Complete bookkeeping services
+ Personal & online training in our unique business system
+ Brand marketing & local marketing tailored to the needs of your business
+ No billable hours, more choices, and a better lifestyle
+ Low, affordable franchise fee & flexible payment terms
+ A large range of business opportunities available

Why join us?
Because we are revolutionising law in Australia.

The legal profession is widely acknowledged as a challenging vocation. With increasing demands to lower costs while maintaining a competitive edge, many Australian firms have increased working hours within more aggressive budgets.

Your Law Firm does things differently; we’re a client-focused network of forward thinkers who aim to revolutionise the practice of law in Australia. We aim to promote values such as lifestyle and workplace autonomy, in order to enable practitioners to dictate their own working hours. We want to provide you with the support you need to create a career within law that is meaningful, and that allows you time to pursue life outside of work.


Your Law Firm is founded on an innovative business system that is driven by job satisfaction, autonomy and a healthy work-life balance. We want to empower you to work when and where you want, as we offer a recognisable brand image, with a reputation for providing quality, expert legal services at a local level.


We’re about doing business differently- we support you to build a practice that’s right for you. We’ll help you to embark on your new adventure, with opportunities to operate as a single or multiple locality franchise. From marketing, to bookkeeping, to business administration, we offer a host of services to ensure we’re behind you throughout your journey. We also provide secretarial support, business consulting and legal services, so you’re always supported if you get on board with us.

Our Values


We combine low franchise fees and low overheads with our online, paperless system to offer more competitive pricing and higher margins.  We work with you to complete an in-depth financial analyses and projections of your new practice with us. Showing you the cost benefits of operating a Your Law Firm franchise. 


Exclusive access to clients within your locale and area of expertise means more business and less competitive undercutting. Through the Your Law Firm network, you’ll get to know other like-minded legal professionals. From mentoring to referrals, we’re proud of the supportive community we’ve created to help your business thrive.


Your Law Firm is dedicated to the development of better, more appreciated lawyer-client relationships by creating the freedom for you to define your own working hours and practice ethic. We want to give you all the tools & support you need to build your successful business. That is why, from setting up your business, to client referrals and billing, to tracking your CPD points, we are with you every step of the way.

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